Nick Mango

Oct 23, 2010

Uncensored! Right Right, forgot about that...

Totally forgot to do the blog post on that uncensored comment I made in my November Coming Soon post a few weeks back. Right, let's do that.

1990 was the year of the merch for Danzig. They made an insane amount of stuff for not only Danzig the band, but Misfits, and Samhain. In the November Coming Soon post I talked about a Samhain shirt made in 1990. On the back it had the album title written on a slight angle. Well that year Glenn also licensed some gear out for Danzig the band. One shirt in particular is extremely hard to find. The Demon on the Cross T-shirt which is the design used for the vhs tape put out that same year. That shirt in XL can bring a hefty price tag regardless of condition. I bid 100+ on one about 2 months ago and was outbid. I was pretty pissed off about that. One reason is I missed out on a really great condition shirt that I just love. And two cause I really couldn't bring myself to spend more than that on that T-shirt. Sure I love it, but I don't wear T-shirts and my whole reason for collecting, is to have a shirt that I could wear if I wanted too...if that makes sense. Not sure if it does, but whatever. BASICALLY, I was bummed. So I decided I was just going to buy a bootleg of the shirt. I found a girl who prints a lot of Danzig related boots, and I ordered it. Came in about a week later and I couldn't of been happier. 10 bucks plus shipping.

Sweet shirt. Love how simple it is. Love the artwork. I don't even mind that it's a single color cause the original was a single color.

I was content. I wore it under a zipper up one day and I really didn't see myself hunting down the real deal. Then about 3 weeks ago a legit XL got listed on ebay. When this got listed I knew that it would bring somewhere between 90-110. The condition wasn't mint or even excellent, but it was wearable. And that's what most people are looking for. Yes I know I don't wear T-shirts, but one day I probably will or my kids will, so this is very important to me. I decided to do something I never do. I contacted the guy and made him an offer to take it down. What made me do this? Well when I looked at the auction the title was "Danzig shirt". Yeah that's it, Danzig Shirt. It felt like he really didn't know what he had. Most of the time people will put RARE! in the title. Or at least the name of the shirt "Demon Cross" in it. This guy had nothing but Danzig Shirt. Pretty dumb. Then I checked out his other auctions. He had a bunch of odds and ends crap on there. Maybe 7 or 8 total auctions. Only 1 shirt though. Now some people might be thinking, "well he only listed one shirt cause he knows it's worth a bunch of cash and he needs money." Well yeah, that's an interesting thought. And I would agree if he titled the auction better. I do agree though that the dude needed cash. Odds and ends auctions like this scream, "Fuck I gotta pay the rent!" Considering all this I figured that, not only did the dude need cash, but he also had no idea what he had. So I messaged him and told him 60 bucks shipped. Dude took it down in a second and emailed me. 1 week later I got the shirt in...

You see the difference? The original design is larger. And obviously it has this...

OH yeah there's another difference. UNCENSORED!

You see the style there? Slight angle, white font, pretty much all the same. It's faded so I grabbed another shirt that was made with the uncensored logo on the back as well.

This logo is different though. It's smaller and on more of an angle. It also looks like a different font too. I actually think this shirt is a bootleg. It's old though cause it's ridiculously soft. And the tag is extremely small and very faded. Usually tags now a days are pretty big cause companies like to put their gaudy logos on them. You may remember a shirt that looks very similar to this one that I did a blog post on a couple months back. That one was made by Brockum for the Danzig III tour. You can see the color differences too. The boot is purple while the III shirt is baby blueish. Not sure which one I like better. Both are pretty incredible.

So that's where the uncensored thing comes from...well that's what I meant by Uncensored look. I don't exactly know what it means. I assume it means the VHS video that was put out that year, with the same artwork, was "uncensored". The VHS included videos that never got MTV air time, plus some interviews with Danzig members. Makes sense I guess.


  1. hi, could you tell me where i can find the girl who makes the bootlegs???

  2. Yeah, who's this bootleg chick?

  3. More info on the bootleg supplier pleeeeeeeaaaasse!