Nick Mango

Oct 20, 2010

Just In the Key of Time...Corny, I know.

Pretty strange and interesting story about this purchase. Back about 3-4 weeks ago I was flipping through the tests on ebay and noticed a whole bunch of Equal Vision releases. No nothing One King Down related. But there was something I was interested in, The Stryder - Masquerade In the Key of Crime. The Stryder, if you don't know, was a Long Island band from the late 90s to early 2000s. This band was formed from ex members of a band called Yearly. Maybe you've heard of this band from the Rookie Lot / Yearly split that goes for major dough. These two bands were extremely popular back in 98-99. And when both bands broke up, the members went onto to form some of the most important LI bands of the 2000s. Movielife, Crime in Stereo, Brand New, and The Stryder. Plus Eben from Yearly went on to join Saves the Day. Really incredible what these 2 small time bands became. Well back to The Stryder. So I was watching the test, all intent on bidding on it. Then it crossed 45 bucks a couple days before it was suppose to end. I thought to myself, "I'm going to have to bid 100 to get this thing. I don't think it's worth it." So I just decided to let it go. Normally I'm not like that. Especially with rare LI stuff. But this is 2000+ LI stuff. I'm not that nuts about 2000+. So it ended without another bid and I was left wondering how much I would have needed to spend to pick it up. Wait....HUH? You didn't win it? Correct, I didn't win it. So how did I get this one? Well the guy that was selling this stuff had a million auctions up. Must of been 300 items. I won a couple of shirts from him. One being a rather cool Revelation long sleeve from the 90s. And my buddy Brian won, if I remember correctly, a Texas is the Reason 12". Well the seller contacted him after he won that record and said he had another Stryder test and asked if he wanted it for 40. Brian immediately emailed me and I jumped on it. HEYO! What luck right? I mean out of all the people he could have messaged, he messaged Brian. So who knows how much I saved. I assume 20 bucks or so. In truth, when the first auction crossed 45, I really thought it was going to get bid on a few more times. This is why I decided to not get involved. Worked out well in the end I guess.

I think I may have said this before but I like tests from certain plants more than others. Mainly because of the label they put on the record. The Rainbo label is awesome. I like the Erika label better cause it's that really cool bright yellow. But still the Rainbo label is right up there at the top of the list. It's also a million times better than some cheap ass white label test. Plants really need to invest in a slick looking label. For real.

Here's the original record. I don't have it on green. Had a chance to get it a few times and was out bid. I'm not that bothered by it I don't think. I'm happy to have the test.

Been trying to get some posts up here about stuff non danzig related. May have to jump back to Danzig though cause the shit just keeps coming in. Incredible stuff too. And I need to hit the Top 20 posts again. AND the 1 year Anniversary is coming for Limited Pressing. We have some amazing announcements coming for that, so keep your eyes peeled!

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