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Oct 15, 2010

Well...S, I Got Another One.

Let's back track a little bit here. The morning before I went to the airport Tom and I went to Wells Tipley's place to talk some vinyl/business. Wells owns Traffic Violation Records, which if you've been reading my Top 20 posts, you know that they were one of the most important labels to ever come out of long island. Currently he does 86'd Records and Fanzine and he's in a punk band called Rations. One of the interesting things about his band is Brian from Lamagna is in it...I'm really going to go deep here on the LI history. Lamagna was a really great, but short lived band, from the 90s that had Steve Scapgrace on mic. Scapegrace was...hahaha I'm done, I'm done. Sorry. Well yeah so Lamagna put out a 7" on Wreck-age. I have it on black....well I did have it on black. And I needed it on grey. Very hard record to find. Yes Marcus, you have it, I know, thanks. So while talking with Wells I mentioned that I needed that Lamagna on grey big time. He said he had it, and offered to trade it to me for the black. WORD!!!???? So sick.

And while I was there Wells also hooked me up with the new Rations 12"

The insert, which you can see there in the photo, is actually a book. I think this is the fanzine part of 86'd Records and Fanzine. I should ask him about that. Maybe he wants to do this sort of thing with every release. Seems like it could be cool. This record is also 1 sided. The other side is silk screened.

Now the last thing I'd like to talk about IS THIS!!!

WOOWOWOWOOWOOWOOW that is the most insane living room accessory I've ever seen in my fucking life! God damn talk about jealous. Wells, you're the man. I have nothing else to say.

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