Nick Mango

Oct 12, 2010

2 Steps Closer - Wreck-age Collection

So my girlfriend went to Atlanta on thursday, and I was suppose to grab her from the airport on saturday afternoon, then instead of heading right to long island for the rest of the weekend, she said it would be better if we just stayed at her place in brooklyn. Now I'm not a big city person. I like the quiet. Meaning, I don't like hipsters playing bongo drums outside my window at 430 in the morning on a damn sunday. But hey, it is what it is. So here I am at Laguardia airport waiting for her plane to come in and I get this email from Arthur Shepherd. To put it plainly, I jumped out of my skin. If you're not familiar with the name, I suggest you check out his site. He was the guitarist for Mind Over Matter, singer/guitarist for Errortype 11(s/t!), and was in Bad Trip for a short 2 year stint. Currently he's the singer/guitarist for God Fires Man which is a post hardcore band that sounds a lot like Errortype 11. So if you're pissed off that E11 is no more, then go check them out. Well we had talked about a month ago about some stuff he was looking to part with, and for a while I thought he changed his mind. Hence the jumping out of skin part! These days it's very tough to get me excited. I mean, If you haven't noticed, I'm running out of records to buy. But this email definitely had some juice to it. Ton of great stuff. Now I knew that Arty lived in the city, but I wasn't exactly sure where. So I emailed him back with a couple of the records that I wanted. I also told him I could pay him cash and that I'd be in Brooklyn for the weekend. He emailed me back pretty quickly and let me know he was working literally down the block from my girl's place. Said he'd bring the records to work and I could stop by. Finally a good reason to go to the city! So let's take a look at a couple of these babies.

The first one is from the band Irony of Lightfoot. This was a long island band from the mid 90s that had a pre-sons of abraham Neil Rubenstein on the mic. Ridiculously good band, that I still miss to this day. If I could have either a SOA reunion or a IOL reunion, I'd pick Irony every time and 4 times on sunday at 3pm. Well the colored versions of their 2 7"s are so insanely tough to find. I need them both, well I did until I got one of them from Arty.

Wreck-age made 200 of these. Don't know how many are on black but I bet it wasn't more than 750. Great artwork on the insert. There was also a cool sticker in the sleeve. Not sure if this came with the release or not.

The other record I grabbed from him was something I've been looking to pick up for ever, but could never find it. What a pain in the ass this record has been. Yuppicide - You've Been Warned on white. Only 250 of these were made. 2. 5. 0.! I mean what the hell? They made 3000 on black ahhaha!!! Totally crazy.

Love this band so much. They've been doing some reunion shows lately. And they also put out a double cd discography. Hopefully they get it out on vinyl. I bet someone in Germany will make it happen.

So I'm close. Real close. Here's what I need to complete the Wreck-age collection


But actually this isn't completely true. I'll explain why in my next blog post.

P.S. Arty still has a bunch of stuff that he'd let go. Lot of Long Island stuff. Really rare colored stuff. If you're interested drop me an email nick at limitedpressing dot com.


  1. When I saw the title of this post appear in my blog list, I figured this was going to be about two more Wreck-age tests. I thought this even more when I started reading the story, figurig that this dude would surely have tests galore. And then imagine my surprise when this is about Irony Of Lightfoot and Yuppicide 7"s. I gotta tell you dude, I was shocked... but mainly shocked because I realised that I somehow STILL have Wreck-age stuff that you still need. In fact, I have all of those 5 that you need. And there was me thinking that you were the Wreck-age master! Ha!

  2. ahaha bastard....yeah well I have all the ones you need to complete YOUR wreck-age collection. So HA!

  3. Just a note about the art on the Irony of Lightfoot 7" - The hanging pumpkin head illustration comes from The Thief of Always by Clive Barker. It is one of my favorite books from childhood and I've seen other illustrations and quotes from it used by bands. I've got one of the illustrations tattooed.