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Oct 3, 2010

November Coming Soon

With November just around the corner, bringing with it my 32nd birthday I might add(jhshawkosvkaki), I thought I'd post a shirt I picked up recently. The shirt in question is Samahin - November Coming Fire from 1990. This is my favorite album Samhain did. I think most fans would agree with that as well. I also consider this the last real album, cause Final Decent was sort of a jumbled mess with all the different people in the band, the overdubbing, beat boxing drum machine bullshit, and the fact that they spread the recording out over like 4 years. Never liked when bands did that. I think an album should be recorded in a timely manner. OpIvy - Energy being a great exception I guess. Well back to the shirt. This one was part of a 5 shirt purchase I made from a guy in the netherlands. Great guy who had a buy it now on ebay for 8 shirts, two of which had some condition issues, and one I already had which is the 4p LS. So I decided to pass on those 3 and just grabbed the other 5. Which all happened to be in mint condition. It's actually incredible how great of condition they were in. So here's number 1.

Shirt is so damn crisp. Black as hell still too. This one was done by Giant. It's on the small side, but I think I could pull it off. I probably couldn't wear it to Seport cause I always feel like I swallowed a bag of sand after that, but maybe to work or something. The print is perfect which totally amazes me.

This is the original shirt they printed in 1990. Both Giant and Brockum licensed these rights from Glenn. Not sure how the Brockum one held up, but this one feels brand new. The only other time they printed this that I know of is 2000. I just recently picked that version up for Tom for like 20 bucks shipped. Great deal I think.

Love that "Uncensored" style skewed back logo. Well I guess the Uncensored style is actually the November Coming Fire style cause this came first. Wait, you probably have no idea what I'm even talking about when I say Uncensored style. OK next post I'm going to explain the Uncensored logo on the back. And that post will hopefully come soon. I know I've been slacking. ANNNDD I know it seems like I apologize every time I post. But between work, LP, and hanging with the girlfriend, it's tough to find a spot. But I got to get back into the groove. Especially because I was asked to start doing a weekly spot on a different blog. More info on that when it happens, but I can tell ya I was pretty honored when asked cause I read this site every damn day and it's so top notch. Till then, later!

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