Nick Mango

Sep 10, 2010

Help a Brother Out!

Ok, I never thought I'd say this but there's a rare piece of Misfits memorabilia that I just can't bring myself to buy out right. I've been tossing it around for more than a month and I just have to try and make a move on this baby. So here's the deal. I'm going to list a bunch of pretty solid records and they're all for sale. Email offers to nick at limitedpressing dot com. If you have a blog and would like to help me make this happen, I would really appreciate a repost. Thanks a lot.

Let the games......BEGIN!!

ANS - The Pool - Cowabunga Records - Test Press
ANS/Reproach - Split - Still Holding On Records - Test Press
Between Rock - Witching Hour Comp WHR002 (Cave In-Pivitol) Test Press
Blacklisted - Heavier than Heaven - Deathwish - Test Press
Blacklisted - peace on earth - Deathwish - Test Press
Bridge and Tunnel - East/West - Test Press #1/20 No Idea
Carry the Torch - Tribute to Kid Dynamite x2 LP - Black Numbers - Test Press
Cause For Alarm - Cheaters and the Cheated - Test Press
Cause For Alarm - beneath the Wheel - Test Press
Guilt - Further - Victory VR050 - Test Press
H2O - Can't Get Off The Phone - Orphaned Records - Test Press
H2O - Nothing to Prove -Bridge 9 - Test Press
Kill Your Idols - Skinnier Years - Test Press
Skarhead - Kings at Crime - Victory VR089 - Test Press
Snapcase - Designs of Automotion - Victory VR100 - Test Press

Carry On - It's all our blood - White
Carry On - It's all our blood - Black
Fired Up - Doomed To Repeat - White
Fired Up - Doomed To Repeat - light blue
Hoover / Lincoln split w/ Dime cover
Hopesfall - no wings to speak of - green w/ black swirl(never seen this before)
Ink and Dagger - Fine Art of Original Sin - Sealed
Judge - There Will Be Quiet - Gold
Killing Time - Fools Die - White
Lion of Judah - Number-rology - Black
Lion of Judah - Number-rology - Green
Merauder - Master Killer - Dead Serious 2006 - White
Miltown - Hydra Head - yes I have all that crazy paper stuff
Mindset - Real Power - White
Mindset - Real Power - Black
Moneen - The Red Tree #27/300
Pennywise - A Word From the Wise - Black
Pennywise - Wildcard Ep black
Pennywse - Tomorrow black
Saetia - S/T - The Mountain Cooperative w/ poster insert
Seaweed - 1989 Leopard Gecko Black
Seaweed - Measure - sub pop pink/orange swirl(salmon) very rare if you need a pic/scan let me know
Seaweed - Just A Smirk - Black 940/1500
Strike Anywhere - Chorus of One - Grey Marble
Ten Yard Fight - Demo 1995 - Black
Unbroken 3xLP discography

On - Vital Times - White
On - Vital Times - Mint Green West Coast Tour Summer 08 #9/75
On - Vital Times - Mint Gren First Show Special Cover #51/75
On - Control - Black
On - Control - White Preorder I think
On - Double Vision - White
On - Double Vision - Grey Marble
On - Double Vision - Blue

If there's something you know I have, but haven't listed it here, and you feel like you want to make an offer go for it. I don't know if I will sell it cause I'm really just trying to cushion the blow here, not pay for a heart transplant. But hey, you probably only got this one chance to make your vinyl dreams come true, so just throw it out there and maybe we can work a deal.

Thanks a lot everyone I really appreciate it!


  1. Shared this to my blog!

  2. thanks Willem. I saw your email from the other day too. I'll get back to you this weekend. Thanks again!