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Oct 29, 2010

Movielife's Unknotted Strings

I'm getting pretty kookie with these titles lately. I don't know, just trying to inject some fun into this damn thing. I think I'm going get a little intelligent in this one. Just feeling the smart shit tonight. Not too smart mind you, it's already 930pm. We're getting close to my bed time.

Let me set the stage. About 3 months ago I won a sweatshirt on ebay off a dude that's suppose to be a decent dude in the current hardcore clothing scene. No idea how he came upon this hoody, but he had it, and was selling it, and I wanted it. Bad. It was the Movielife Switchblade Comb sweatshirt from Revelation. Well I won it from him for about 60 bucks. It cost me an arm and a leg yeah, but I was happy because you don't see them often. When I got the shirt though, I was far from happy. The front was completely stained and it was unwearable. It never mentioned anything about that in the auction so naturally I wanted to return it cause I couldn't wear it. He wasn't at all keen on me returning, but in the end he said fine. Now at this point I should have probably asked for my cash back first before returning it. But that would never fly. So I sent it back with a tracking code. Never heard from the dude again. Still haven't heard from him. I had to start a paypal claim, and paypal came through for me once I produced the tracking code. That shit boggles my mind btw. All I need to do is give them a tracking code that works. No address, no contents, no nothing. Just a tracking code that works. Well whatever. It took a month, but I got my cash back. Guy was a total scumbag. Very unfortunate.

That was part 1 to the switchblade saga...damn that would have been a good title too. Well anyway. So part 2, which is actually the conclusion to the saga, is thus. 3 weeks ago I'm flipping around and I see a dude who is selling a mountain of really cool stuff. Most of which he claims is new or almost new. In scanning his auctions I find 3 sweatshirts I want really bad. One is from Shutdown. That one said it was an XXL but fits like a XL. I figured my bro would want that one. So I won it for him. The next was a Stryder sweathshirt. You might remember my post from a couple weeks ago where I talked about the Stryder Test Press, well this sweatshirt looked mint and I really wanted it. Auction said it was washed only a couple times. I won that one for like 10 bucks. The last one he had was of course the Movielife Switchblade Comb. This particular auction said it was brand new never worn. UHM never worn? For real? This shirt hasn't been made in a while and it's pretty rare, so I was sorta skeptical about it never being worn. But all in all, it really just meant that it was mint. Well I won that one too. 45 bucks! That's a decent price I think. Especially in the winter.

Looks nice right? It felt pretty new too. You know that new feeling? Well for the next couple of days I couldn't get my mind off this shirt. I really wanted to know if it was new and obviously there was no possible way to know for sure. Someone did tell me it wasn't very old, only 2 years or so. I didn't believe that. But if it were true, I could believe it was new. So I contacted someone at Rev and double checked the last time they printed the sweatshirt. He said 6 years ago was the last time they printed it. That's a long time for a shirt to be hanging around unworn. And this isn't some collectors item shirt. Rare sure, but not collected. So I was starting to think maybe it has been worn a couple times or so, and was just in great condition. Then I noticed something. Something that I had not thought of until that moment. Something that I actually stood back and said, "Nick, you are one smart mother fucker." The string on the hood wasn't knotted. ahHAH! The string wasn't fucking knotted! On every sweatshirt I own, the string is knotted. Why? Cause when you wash a sweatshirt with an unknotted string, you usually find it loose in your laundry basket. Blingo! It's the little things that make me happy at 10pm on a friday.

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