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Oct 30, 2010

dnalsI gnoL D.O.V.

My brother has more damn V.O.D. shirts that anyone I know. It's absurd. I'm actually quite sure he has 99% of them. VOD really didn't make much merch if you can believe it. And most of what they made is sort of rare because people wore the shit of them. Never really collected and cared for them. One shirt Tom has that I love is the Vision of Disorder VOD Long Island shirt from Blue Grape. The shirt is below if you've never seen it before.

Pretty classic shirt by them. Lot of people on LI like this shirt cause it says Long Island on it. But this isn't a band a lot of people search for all the time. So sometimes shirts can go for serious bucks, and sometimes they can go for nothing. Tom got this shirt for like 13 bucks plus some shipping. Cheap. But I've seen VOD shirts get into the 50-60 range. It's all about who knows they're up. I keep my eyes peeled for them all the time, so I usually can catch it cheap or let it go. Case in point, my recent VOD shirt purchase.

The story begins about 2 weeks ago when I was searching an ebay members auctions only to find the same VOD shirt, which not only do I love, but don't have. The shirt looked like it was in great shape too. Only issue, or at least what I thought was the only issue, was that the starting price was 20 bucks. This shirt had only one place to go, up. I watched it, but pretty much forgot about it, cause I figured that if someone did bid on it, I would need to bid 30+ to get it, and I know I could just wait for another to come along. Well with 24 hours left I saw that no one bid yet. I decided to take a peak at the shirt again and make sure the size and condition was good. Well in looking it again I did notice something odd. Not really wrong...well yeah I guess wrong, but not damage. The shirt was printed backwards. Yes backwards! Blue Grape really screwed the pooch on this baby. No idea what happened but the shirt was basically unwearable. It would still be really cool to have though. I like unique oddities like this. So I decided to just let this one end and then contact the seller afterwards. That's an old trick that I just love pulling. You really need to be sure of yourself though. I've done it many times with great success. I felt like this was a great auction to try it cause the starting price was pretty high. If it were starting at 10 bucks, it would be stupid to try it. So I just waited till it ended. I was nervous cause I really wanted the shirt, but I also didn't want to spend a bunch of cash on something that couldn't be worn. Well it ended and no one bid. Sweet! Now to work my swerve. I contacted the seller and offered him 15 shipped. He wanted 25 shipped, but no one bid. He wasn't excited about my offer, so I decided to throw caution to the wind and tell him what he had. See this could have gone 2 ways. I could tell him he has a mistake unwearable shirt, and he could either say, 'Damn you're right, it's junk, you can take it for 15 shipped." Or he could say, 'Shit you're right! I should relist it with a better description and title." Well when I told him, he said, "Wow this is a mistake? It could be worth money. Make me a better offer." Then I explained to him that no one bid on it cause no one could wear it. Which is a lie really. I don't think anyone saw the auction. If anyone knew what he had, they would have bid. It's an oddity that would be awesome in LIers collection. I then offered 19 shipped and he bit. Check it.

See why it's unwearable ahahha? It's retarded looking. Wonder what this dude was thinking when he listed it. I mean I could just see the guy saying, "These dumb idiots. No sense of style. They should have put Vision of Disorder on the front! Would have looked so much better." ahaha. Well let's compare the 2 shirts now.

The prints are different sizes. I lined up the left side, but the right side hangs over about 3/4". So these weren't made with the same screen. Interesting right? When we look at the tags I think we can see what happened.

I think Blue Grape was subbing out their work. The Blue Grape tag is on the correct shirt. Who knows who made the other one. The quality is better on the BG one too. What it sounds like is BG subbed it out to someone, they made a batch of them wrong, and BG took the work back from them. If you look at the Mark Athletic tag you can see that it's made in Mexico. Wonder if the shirt screening place was in Mexico too. Seems logical. Shame on you Blue Grape!

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