Nick Mango

Dec 12, 2010

This Time a Bunch of Years Ago

So here I am like 2 weeks ago flipping through the VC board, and I see a thread entitled The Movielife - TTNY repress Rev/Hot Topic in which Travis from Hot Topic says he's convinced Revelation to repress Movielife - This Time Next Year. Now a lot of people have wondered why Rev doesn't repress all the insane records they have. I assume it's cause they don't want to dilute their allure. I mean they could obviously repress a ton of stuff. Make a few bucks in profit. 25k, 50k, even 100k, if they do it right. But at what cost? They would probably be looked upon less like the kings of hardcore that they are, and more like a bunch of cash grabbers. 100k to ruin your rep? I'd never do it. Especially when you're going to go down in hardcore history as the greatest label ever. So it doesn't surprise me that travis had to "talk revelation into" repressing this album. But here it is, and I gotta say, I couldn't be happier.

Originally this album was pressed on Black(900) and Blue(750). This time they pressed White, Red and Black(again). Why did they press black again? I have no idea. But one guess is, they didn't press it again. It says on the Rev txt that they did 309 on White, 503 on Red(HT Exclusive), and 200 on Black. Only 200 on black. Maybe those aren't represses. Maybe they're left over from the first press. No way to tell cause they used the same plates from the 1st press. Damn, the same plates? Another interesting thing about this pressing info is that Hot Topic(Travis) is saying they're getting a 1000 of red. Then why does it say 503 in the TXT? Weird. Well whatever.


  1. You ask the right questions!

  2. God fucking damn. I just ordered from Rev like a week or so ago and ordered one of these. Now you bring it to my attention I should have ordered two. Damnit. What the hell is hot topic anyway? I seriously have no idea but its probably bollocks.

  3. well it's not that bad. You couldn't have gotten the red from rev. Only hot topic. And yes, hot topic is for shit. It's like a goth wannabe punk chain in the US.