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Aug 13, 2010

Danzig III How The Pink Kills It

Been a while since I posted. Definitely need to step it up. Got big things working so I'm slacking a bit. But I'll make it happen. Let's start with this incredible shirt that came in the mail today.

Danzig - How the Gods Kill tour shirt. What a sick looking shirt. I mean damn, this thing is so nice. It's extremely tough to find a shirt that's this old and still in good enough shape to wear. This is one of them that's good enough.

That print is totally mint too.

Something very cool happened with this shirt. In the auction they didn't have a pic of the back. Now I knew this was a tour shirt, but I wasn't sure if it had all the dates on it as well. So when I got it, I was pretty damn happy.

Something of note on a personal level. Tom and I made the decision to give it one more year in the current place. We got something big working for LP. I didn't think we were going to attempt another monster addition to this site but it seems as though we are. When I have more info I will post it here.

Also since I have like a million prints, I've started to hang them up in this place. Maybe I do a post showing everything I have up. Could be fun. OK later.

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  1. That is the best Danzig shirt I've ever seen! So jealous.