Nick Mango

Jul 20, 2012

The Days of Gloom and Doom

Here's probably my favorite release of the year so far. Daytrader's Twelve Years out on Rise Records. These guy released a 7" a while back that I included in my An Accumulation of Great Records post. Rise has really become a powerhouse label, with a whole bunch of bands I'm into. So I was super happy when I heard they gobbled up Daytrader as well.

Here's what they did with this release. Single LP in a gatefold across 2 colors, which they sold as a package, or separate. One is the Black 180g version out of 1200, which can be seen below:

The other version they did was on, what they call, Swamp and it's out of 300. The weird thing is, when I opened the record, I didn't think I got the Swamp version. It seemed like I got one half of, what I'd call, the Gloom and Doom color package. Doom being the black 180g, and the record below, being Gloom.

Sort of looks like the black version, right? Here's the record in the light

And this is what they show in their store. Strange right? I thought so at least. So I decided to crack open my brother's copy(shhh don't tell him), and see what he got. Gloom again. I also checked the weight on each, thinking maybe this was just a weird variant of the 180g version, but it wasn't. So I guess there might have been a mix up at the plant, or maybe in the artwork for the store.

I'm really hitting the Long Island bands lately.


  1. I've seen other labels have releases with a 'swamp' variation that like you I've always put down to being a mistake of some sort

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