Nick Mango

Jan 21, 2012

An Accumulation of Great Records

I've had a pile of stuff I've wanted to post about sitting on my desk for like ever. I think it's time we bundle this shit up into a nice quick post. Let's begin.

This is the record show pressing of Capital - Givers Takers on Underground Comminique. Not sure how many were pressed of this.

This is Spraynard, which is Ex Get Bent from Westchester NY I believe. Great record released last year on Runner Up.

Runner Up also sent me this Dave Hause record because there was some shipping confusion. Always appreciated.

This is a good record that I have yet to listen to on vinyl. Direct Hit! who I think is from Milwaukee. I also think they self released this one. You can listen to the album here.

Here's a great band from Ohio that I've been getting into lately called Mixtapes. Try googling that! I think this LP is a combination of 2 releases, one called Maps and the other called Companions, which was an EP. It was released by Animal Style Records, which if I remember correctly uses Limited Pressing for their store. Smart move :).

Finally this is the latest Daytrader 7". These guys self released this 7" and they're currently working on a full length with Rise Records.

I got more stuff I need to get up here. Bunch of Long Island test presses I was excited to pick up. Hopefully I can get to that soon. Later.


  1. a bit late, i realize that, but Spraynard is from West Chester, PA, and aside from being friendly with the dudes in Get Bent, has no relation to Get Bent at all.