Nick Mango

Dec 18, 2011

Unorthodox Repress

Here's the repress of indecision's Unorthodox. This one is mastered. I know the jacket says "Remastered", but for it to have been "Remastered" it would have to have been mastered in the first place. Which it was not. The story goes that when they recorded the album the guy who did the recording asked them if they wanted it mastered. It was a couple hundred bucks, so they decided not to. What's funny is the guy probably assumed that they were getting it mastered by someone else. But the dudes from Indecision probably thought he meant you could do it, but you don't have to. Pretty ridiculous if you think about it.

Not really sure of the pressing info on these. I could probably dig it up, but I'm too tired.

This is the 180gram pressing that came with a silk screened sleeve. The back is stamped and numbered. I got 22/150.

He used the old Merciless sleeve to silk screen them. Good idea I think. Cheap and it keeps it within the scope of the band. Overall the pressing was good. The quality was pretty nice. The jackets weren't glossy like the original which I kind of like cause it's different.

I didn't get the test press on this one. I guess I could have contacted the label and asked to buy one, but it didn't seem necessary. To be honest, since I have the only test press from the original pressing, it doesn't seem right to get one from the repress, when there's probably a million people out there who would love to have it. I have too many Indecision/MPB tests anyway. It's out of control.

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