Nick Mango

Jul 19, 2012

Fuck Off All Nerds

A lot of people might not know what this is, or who it benefits. This is a compilation of live songs recorded at the final show of a band named My Heart To Joy. It's not just songs from this band though. They have other bands on the comp like Hostage Calm and Into It. Over It. The compilation was released by Topshelf Records, and it benefits the family of Mitch Dubey who played in a band called Swear Jar(and others). He was killed a little more than a year ago, by a home intruder. Pretty fucked up stuff. All the money made from this release goes to his family. Great job by Topshelf on the production quality of this release. They don't screw around. Take a look at this thing.

One thing I don't know about this release is, does that cool artwork come with it, or did the nice guys at Topshelf, toss that in because they love me? I suspect it came with it, but I hope they love me too.


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