Nick Mango

Oct 29, 2011

Hope Came Through!

You might remember about 2 months I wrote about Marcus and how he rebooted his label to release Doug's (We Will Bury You) band Hope Defeated's demo on vinyl. Well Marcus and I traded some favors and next thing you know, I got copies!

I love the folded cover. Lot of people are doing these covers now a days. Not only do they save you some cash, but they look better. Plus I hate inserts, and this completes negates the need for an insert.

Here's the white version. Mine is more like a pink though. Marcus will probably explain this in the comments but I assume most whites are like this.

This is the reason for the pink version, the red /60 blog press variation. This one is pretty cool cause the label is stamped with both Doug's blog and Marcus's blog. And of course it has the custom cover.

Last but not least the big man hooked me up with a test. He also did a nice custom cover for it. Simple, straight forward, but custom and that's what counts. I really get annoyed when a label doesn't put any effort into a test and then gives them out. All Marcus did with this cover is take some black stock, reduce the standard cover down, print it out on some heavy stock, glue it to the black stock, then write with a silver paint marker on the back. But it's super clean and neat. I wonder if he wrote that himself. If he did Marcus has some skills. Either way, that little bit of work makes this a really desirable variation. I discussed this in Part 3 of my Vinyl Bailout series on my other blog. Just put the effort in and people will reward you with a desire to collect your releases.

If you haven't bought a copy of this record yet I suggest you hit up Marcus's store and buy a bunch.


  1. I perceived it in the same hope giving way

  2. Glad these things turned up safely.

    Unfortunately my hand writing is not that neat. I used a stencil for the back of the test press covers.

    The white / pink thing is like this... I ordered 100 white and 50 red and specifically asked the plates not to be cleaned (mainly to save money). I would guess that the red were done then the white, as pretty much all of the white have some level of pink streak running through them if you hold them to the light. However, there were 5 copies that were more pink than white, so I put these aside and numbered them out of 5. Any that were not in this 5 were deemed to be white even if they had a pinkish tint to them. So I ended up with 5 pink and 95 'white'.