Nick Mango

Nov 20, 2011

Britney's 18th Birthday

One of the few variations I didn't have from Indecision was the Britney Spears 18th birthday cover #ed out of, what else, 18. Luckily my friend Dan had an extra and traded me for a Quicksand Slip t-shirt. I had not even seen one of these before the other day.

All it is really is a standard jacket with an 11x17 color print out glued to it and numbered. Now I see why I've never seen one before. Jeff Jawk never sold these cause they're really just a gimmick variation he made from left over jackets. Still pretty funny. And since he numbered them, they're collectable. I got number 10. Never asked what Dan has. I assume he gave me the higher one, so he has a single digit. Not bad.

This locks up the To Live and Die in NYC collection. There's actually one more gimmick type variation Jeff made which is a punched metal cover. Yes metal. I think he made 2 of them. One for him, and one for the metal worker who actually did the bending and punching. I think I offered him 100 bucks or something for his copy. Nothing doing though.


  1. I think this safely wins the prize for the best & strangest variant I have seen so far.

  2. This is not just the best variant. This is the best record cover of all time. Brilliant!