Nick Mango

May 31, 2011

Long Strange Trip - Part 2

So how exactly did Chris Trip save my ass you ask? The Most Precious Blood demo of course! I didn't even realize he was doing both 7"s at the same time. UGGHH damn I screwed up. But Chris had my back and all is good. The man definitely took care of me. It's ridiculous how man different types of pressings he did. The Unrestrained/Incendiary split was like 10 versions alone I think. And this one on top of that, and at the same time. I'd be interested in knowing if United got all the colors right. Here's the pressing info for the demo, as noted in his store


Let's go bottom to top. First off we have the standard black release which looks like it's out of 515.

Then we have the clear with black haze, or as some weirdos like to call it now a days, black "smoke".

It looks real "smokey" when it's on top of the white paper sleeve, but if you hold it up to the natural light, it looks a lot different.

Looks like two separate pressings. And the last of the standard pressings is the numbered red version.

Now let's go back to the black version. Chris made 35 Euro Tour sleeves and if taking care of me with the 3 standard pressings wasn't enough, he included one of these too. Maybe a nod to Rev with this sleeve?

Don't let your eyes deceive you here. That's not #53 out of 500, that's 005/35. Liking that! So that's it. I hope you enjoyed that little....ohhhhhhhhhh wait I almost forgot.



Looks like Chris nodded again here, this time to the Indecision - Campaign For Complete Musikal Destruction 7" that was put out for the Europe tour back in 98. A 7" that is so damn hard to track down. They made 500 of those, each with a different member on the sleeve. 5 members, 5 versions, 100 of each. Each one was pressed in red and had the "Test Press" label on it. Yes everyone had the test press label. Why you ask? Well Justin told me it was done to "piss everyone off." ahahah Ahh well. You know what else, the label looks the same too. It's not, but it's that same tan color. So back to the demo test press, he went with a redish cover this time, and I got 005 out of 14! A matching set.

I'm going to have to bring the collection back together at some point here. I've gotten so much stuff since my last picture. This is the one I took over a year ago

At least I think this is the last one. This pic was from my post back in March of 2010 But since then I got the Merciless release, the DNR release, and this release. Hmmm oddly enough, I got 2 absolutely huge Indecision items coming in soon, and they're related to that post I made back in march. That's interesting. I guess I really do need to get the gang back together. OK after my next Indecision/MPB post I'm going to pull everything out and we'll see what we have.

I want to thank Chris Trip for saving a busy dude's ass. I owe you big time. Let me know when you do you're next release and LP will pick up the digital. Thanks!


  1. Hey, good work on these. Impressive stuff!

  2. The Batman covers were merely an ode to the old MPB shirts that said "GOTHAM CITY HARDCORE". Plus I just love Batman, no special meaning behind either variation of the cover than that. I was a comic book nerd before being a record nerd. Plus that drawing is just sick!

  3. gotham city hardcore...damn I feel stupid now. And I call myself an MPB fan. Damn. Thanks bro!