Nick Mango

Jun 12, 2011

Indecision - Release the Cure

A few weeks back I got an email from Justin Brannan, and he said he wanted to get rid of a bunch of stuff and raise some cash for charity. Obviously I jumped at the chance to see what he was prepared to part with. He sent me a giant list of stuff that he said he'd be auctioning off soon and anything he sold from Indecision and MPB, would go to a charity. After looking over the list it really started to sink in how much stuff I have. Especially test presses. I had all the ones he was looking to sell, all except one. Well....sorta.

Release the Cure is Indecision's last full length album. One that they made with Artie on the mic, not Tom. The album title pertains to a conspiracy that the government has the cure to a couple deadly diseases namely AIDS and Cancer. And they don't release them because these diseases control the population and weed out the undesirables. Obviously I don't agree with this, but hey, conspiracy theories make us think. Even if some make no sense at all :). It's also the only full length Indecision album I don't have a test press of. Well not anymore!

This was released on M.I.A. records back in 99 on black and dark green. And as you can see by the little description on the jacket, there was only 2 test presses made. And this might be #1. That part I'm not sure about. When I see 1/5 or 1/10, I usually figure it's #1. But with 1/2 you just can't be sure.

It was definitely a great score seeing this on the list of records Justin sent me. I felt like I really picked up something special. Something I've been looking to get a hold of for a long time. And considering there was only 2 made, I now know why it was so difficult.

Another cool thing that happened when I talked to Justin about that test press was he mentioned that he also had the Overcome Records version. Meaning he had the test press for the seafoam green version made in france on Overcome Records. When I heard that I nearly jumped out of my skin. Justin not only had the MIA version, the dude had the Overcome version too!

Damn what luck. Both Release The Cure test presses. You know what this means now right? I now have every Indecision LP test press! Unorthodox, Most Precious Blood, To Live and Die in NYC, and Release The Cure on MIA and Overcome. I'm the dude with the most issues! HEYO!

I was suppose to put together everything I had for a photo, but I'm so sick right now I can't even gather up the energy to find all the records. Bronchitis is a total bitch.


  1. Hey Nick, does this list of rarities contain a test press of Our Lady... or Nothing in Vain?
    These two are the last records I need for my MPB collection.For the Nohting in Vain I'm not even sure if there are any test presses. Would be awesome if you could let me know, my username at theoldlp is dplacke.


  2. Hey man, if you get a chance, email me. I need to get in contact with you, and can't find out how on here, haha.


  3. Well, if the one with the mia sticker at the top is the 1/2 then i have the second one but i didnt get mine with a marked sleeve. Mine came in a actual release the cure sleeve and i got mine for the ridiculous price of $5 on ebay about 10 years ago.

  4. You got yourself a good deal. There was definitely only 2 made. I'd like to see a picture if you get a chance. Do you have the cover that I have? Email me from here.