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Jul 5, 2010

Nice, It Turned Out All White

Another deal that I've been waiting to complete for a while is one I made via B9/LP. Seems like all these deals have been starting out on Bridge 9. That board is absurdly huge. So many people looking to get rid of stuff. This guy was from upstate NY. It didn't go as smoothly as the other ones I've made recently, but in the end it turned out great.

So about a month or so ago I wanted to listen to the Mouthpiece Can't Kill... on vinyl. I've had that record for a while, but mine was sealed and I had it in white, so I wanted to keep it sealed. That day though I didn't care that it was sealed. I yanked it out, and when I looked at the plastic, the Revelation trademark blue sticker indicating that it was on color, was not there. Hmmm that's not good. I cracked it open and it was black. BLAST! I could have sworn I had it on white. But alas, I did not. Fast forward about a week later I noticed a link on B9 getting a lot of hits on LP. I tracked it back and it was someone selling their entire collection. The link was going to their list. As I was checking it out I saw that he had 2 things I needed. One was the Mouthpiece discography on white, and the other was Capital - Blind Faith on white, which he indicated was the record release. Which I knew, but not to what extent he meant. See I thought the white color was the record release. And just the color. This is where that, "turned out great" part came into play. I'll get to that.

So the deal went down on LP with the deal making system and everything seemed to go smooth. Until the part where the dude was required to actually ship me the records! I did get them in the end. And I may have gotten them sooner if I pointed out the fact that I owned the damn site we were making the deal on haha! But it's cool, I'm not like that really. It was the typical, "oh I shipped them yesterday(2 weeks after I paid him)", when in fact he hadn't ship them, then proceeded to ship them about a week after that. I mean come on, the date when you shipped it is right there on the package! Teenagers these days. Vinyl Please? Sure no problem...

Still has the plastic on the cover. Nice! As I'm looking at this picture though, I'm noticing that there's no sticker on this one either. Weird. Pretty sure that record is white, so I think we're cool!

Now for Capital. This 7" was released by a small Long Island label called Iron Pier which is owned by a really good dude name Dave Vibert. He's the only other person I know that has an Inside - My Funeral test press. Great record. When he did the Capital record he pressed it on 3 colors. Red, Pinkish swirl(the rarest) and white. Now the white was first available at the record release and it sold out there, and in his store, before I was able to grab it. I got the pink through a side deal, and I bought the red from his store. But the white was alluding me. So this was a great find. Unfortunately though, it looks like I'm not done collecting this release yet!


Still confused?

How about now!? There was a separate cover made for the record release! Damn I've never been so happy about having gotten something I didn't think I was getting ahha. So I still need a standard white version of this 7". Shouldn't be too difficult I don't think.


Side Note, read this blog - Sara Sells Porn. Seriously, this is the funniest stuff I've read in like I don't know how long. Found it yesterday and read every post in like an hour. Half the time I was ridiculously uncomfortable, and the other half of the time I was dying on the floor laughing. It's great therapy.

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  1. I still have one or two left on white with normal covers. - DV