Nick Mango

Jul 7, 2010

#18 - Capital - Signal Corps

Capital - Signal Corps
Released on Iron Pier Records in 2006

Here's where it starts to get difficult for me. 16-18 has really given me trouble. Let's go with Capital Signal Corps for 18. What a surprise this album was. Before I heard it I thought it was going to be good for sure. But I didn't think it was just going to hit me right in the face like it did. It was fast. It was melodic. It had a 90s flare. And of course, it had great lyrics. Pretty much all you need to make me love it. Let's talk about the hit of the album for a second. "Meanwhile Back in LA". OOHH you thought I was going to say "Wolverines" didn't you? Sure "Wolverines" is great. It's crazy catchy and the twist of the song is definitely interesting. But in reality that's the gimmick talking. You're suppose to love that song. And of course we all do. But in my opinion, MBILA is the hit of the album. That's the song that makes me think this is one of the best LI albums out there. Just hidden right there in the 7 spot, on a 9 track album. It's weird, just like rapcore bands and vampire movies, if you write a song about how TV will just mess your shit all up, I'm going to fall in love with it. It's really strange actually.

There's some other cool things about this album. Other than what it sounds like! What about the fact that they recorded it after hours in a school library? Only thing cooler than that would be recording the album during school hours. Another interesting bit of info. They got the singer with the coolest voice on LI in their band. That's right, Duncan Macdougal on bass! I mean come on, you ever hear People in Glass Houses Stay Warm Through the Winter? I'll leave that for the Top 20 Best LI Demos. But yeah Tommy was always about lyrics for me. His voice is great, but Duncan on bass is just one of those weird, "wait, what did you say? He doesn't touch the mic?" type things that makes this album/band pretty special. FWIW, If I had that voice, I'd be singing under suicide girl's bedroom windows. Not playing bass in Capital. For real people.

No download on this one. You can steal it from a different blog, or it's available for 3 measly dollars in the Iron Pier Store 3..that's it.

I'll can give you this link though. Duncan Macdougaling My Style
Slick ref right?

Side Note: This is the last active band you will see on my list.....maybe.


  1. did you go to the thieves show 2 weeks ago? i dont even think they play stuff off that demo anymore hah. heres hoping for a strong thieves comeback this summer.

  2. didn't go no. Didn't even realize it was happening. Yeah I think rick wrote all the demo songs, and now they're just a different band. Their full length is good too though.

  3. martyr brigade is one of my favorite long island releases. luckily, duncan said they are going to record a new full length this summer, before they break up.