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Jul 4, 2010

#19 - Incendiary - Crusade

Incendiary - Crusade
Released by Eternal Hope Records in 2009

As many on Long Island have known for some time now, the Island hardcore scene changed around 2000. There were still good hardcore bands around after 2000, but it was different. That 90s LI sound wasn't there anymore. Those bands were gone and our local scene floundered. But in a way, it blanked the slate. Reset all the counters back to zero. And when that happened, kids learned from bands outside of Long Island. That's the case with Incendiary. People might be wondering how I could put an album that's not even a year old on a list of the top 20 albums of the last 20 years. It's simple, for typical LI, it's a ground breaking album. Bands don't sound like this on Long Island. They pull from their influences, and up until now, not many bands on Long Island were influenced by Trial and Strife. I think if I did this write up again in 10 years, which I really hope I can, then I'd probably be putting this album well into the top 10. For Long Island, this album is a total game changer. New bands are going to feed off this sound for years to come. Backtrack as well. When we look back on these 2 bands, we're going to say they started it all. I can already see it happening. Good solid bands are forming on LI that have this type of sound. Scourge for instance, sounds like they're straight out of Cleveland! This never happened here. This sound is completely foreign to LI. But not anymore, and it's because of albums like Crusade.

So the download. A week or so ago I saw a thread on the B9 board about Incendiary. Someone from the band posted a link to download this album. So I think we should be clear on the piracy accusations. Incendiary - Crusade - Download and you can buy their album at their webstore.

The fact that I'm promoting a bigcartel store on my blog should basically tell you this is an important band. Get into it god damnit!

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