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Jun 10, 2010

Silent Majority - Polar Bear Club

A blog that I'm basically obsessed with right now is Brian Murphy(HYE) and Chris Casali's(The collection space) TeeTillDeath These dudes have really got something impressive over there. A lot of people have good ideas, and some go and explore these ideas for a short period of time. Most don't ever stick with it. Especially when there's no money being made. But these guys post like crazy. And I respect that a lot. That's just one of the reasons I love what these guys are doing. The other reason is shirts are becoming real fun for me to collect and I don't know much about how to spot the fakes. They talk a lot about the technical things behind legitimacy in shirt auctions. And if you know me, you know I love technical nerd out talk. The only issue I have with this site, and I've mentioned it to them on many occasions, is since these guys are so big, if they post a shirt I'm waiting to bid on, I need to reevaluate my retirement plan! Shit like doubles in price when they post about it. God damn. BUUTTT what if I didn't know about a shirt and they posted it? Well that happened a couple weeks ago.

So it's May 27th and I see a tweet come through with the second greatest 3 words a collector can hear Closet Clean Out! Nice haha. Love hearing that. And for the record, I believe the greatest 3 words you can hear are "That Sounds Good" totally love hearing that. How about 25 shipped? That Sounds Good. So back to my story. I click their link and Chris is saying a buddy of his was selling a whole bunch of shirts on ebay. So I went to his page and I was scrolling through when I hit the mother load. The man had 3 Silent Majority shirts that I needed. And he had a seriously old Milhouse shirt that I've only seen once before. All 3 SM shirts were Large, perfect. The Milhouse was XL, but I'd retire it either way, so that was cool too. After reading the descriptions on the SM shirts, there was one he said that had stains under the arms. Now this didn't stop me from bidding, but I didn't bid a tremendous amount. I think only like 46 or 47. I was outbid on that one. But I did win the other 2 and the Milhouse shirt. Let's take a look at them.

Starting with the Milhouse Inverted Cross Tee. Now even if I actually wore t-shirts, and this thing didn't feel like it's been to Deja One and back like 25 times, I'd still retire it. Inverted cross, just don't need the looks these days. But it's a sick piece of Li history that I just had to have.

Next is the 2005 Silent Majority Reunion shirt. Perfect size. Perfect shape. But I wouldn't wear this one either. Rib cage logo...not cool. When I think of rib cage logo shirts, I think about how when people now a days look at pictures of themselves with 80s hair and say, "what the fuck were we thinking back then?" Seriously. Rib cage logos, completely uncool. BUUUTTT I had to have it.

Tell you what though. This devil riding a polar bear would make a good tattoo. May have to talk to someone about that.

Lastly is a shirt that my brother Tom owns in XL, and I own in XL hoodie form. But I didn't own a Large Tee version. It's one of my favorite designs by them.

Shirt is mint too. All in all a great haul. I mean I didn't get the other SM shirt, but it wasn't in great shape. So I'm cool with that. And if anyone is reading this and hasn't checked out TeeTillDeath, let me wax poetic one more time. Brian does HYE which is a collection list site. He has the best lists on the planet at his site. Chris does The Collection Space, which is also a collection lists site. And all they talk about is Ebay on their blog. Basically that's 3 sites that they rep or own, that compete with LP. But I'm behind these guys all the way. This has to mean something right? Go check it out.


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