Nick Mango

Jun 9, 2010

Backlash Discography - Orange 2xLP

Backlash was a NJ Hardcore band from the 90s. They had that great straight up hardcore sound. Didn't even know this was being pressed until I saw Scott sign up a free LP store for his label 1124 Records, then list this as one of his products. Blew my mind. I never would have known about this if he didn't have a store on LP. I'm out of the loop. Not good. This is more of a reason to make LP gifuckingantic. This way I'll never miss out on the good vinyl releases.

So here it is. Backlash - insert obligatory three word discography title that sounds sick here(Through Different Eyes).

This color is out of 50. Scott should have thrown some numbers on this baby somewhere. Would have been a cool touch for such a small run. But he did do a nice gatefold.

It also came with a download ticket. Every vinyl release should come with one of these. What a lot of people don't realize is providing the download ticket doesn't hurt you. It actually helps you. Now a days you can find any vinyl release on the internet. People are crazy about ripping vinyl. So as a label, do you want some shit ass sounding vinyl rip of your record from a 50 dollar turntable and an rca to mini plug jack spreading across the internet oooorrrrr do you want a quality digital version? You want the quality version. Just put it out there. You'll never stop the rippers. And you'll make your customers happy.

All in all I like this release a lot. I think if we look at my favorite 4 90s hardcore discography releases of the past year, Unbroken, Undertow, Mouthpiece, and Backlash. I think Backlash comes in second only to Unbroken's monster 3xLP. Which I believe is the greatest hardcore vinyl discography release ever. Not a bad spot I think.

If you're interested in picking one of these up, check out the 1124 Records store over at LP.


  1. 2nd place ain't bad!!!

  2. I think Backlash rocks and did not get the props that they deserved! While everyone else needed to identify themselves with some sort of crew (SXE,tough guy,emo) Backlash stood apart from the crowd.

  3. i just got a og backlash shirt!