Nick Mango

Jun 8, 2010

No Heaven, No Way Nice!

Totally forgot to post that Indecision Unorthodox shirt. This was a really cool purchase for many different reasons. One is very obvious, it's an Indecision Unorthodox shirt. I mean that's enough for me. Check it...

You know I've never seen this logo design before. Seems weird, but I don't. Now the back on the other hand. I remember seeing this on the back of a sweatshirt. So conceivably the front of the sweatshirt could have looked like this shirt, and I didn't see it. Here's the back. Totally sick.

Loving that Exit logo.

Now the third thing that was awesome about this shirt was the size. It was an XL. Now I wear XL in long sleeves, but in Tees I wear a why is this good you say? Well when I bought the thing I figured it would just be an awesome shirt to own and retire. But when I got it and tried it on, the damn thing fit like a large! It's ridiculous. Total surprise. So now if I ever decide to wear short sleeves, which I haven't done in over 10 years, I'll be able to sport this baby. SOLID!

Fourth and final reason why this purchase was great was in the way that I bought it. It was a sunday evening and I decided to grab some food from the local bar/grill and take it down to Dune rd for a little dinner on the beach. Good way to clear the head. I had totally forgotten about this auction. Luckily the good people at ebay make a very cool iPhone app that saved my ass. Winning auctions on the beach is very relaxing.

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