Nick Mango

Jun 11, 2010

American Day Dream

I'm not a huge American Nightmare fan, but I do like them. Some of these insane AN fans pay some crazy money for vinyl. Got a lot of respect for that. I can't pull the trigger though. I'll stick to my digital versions. There's also a piece of non vinyl AN memorabilia that I've always loved, but also could not pull the trigger on, it's the infamous AN zip up. This thing has been selling somewhere between 60 and 100 bucks for past few years and I just waited it out hoping one day these prices would come back down to earth. Well they least this one did.

Got this for 21 bucks plus some shipping. An incredible deal. For a while after I won it I was a little nervous that, once again, every one knew something I didn't. So I replied to teetilldeath on twitter and made sure these shirts went for a ton of money. I got a quick reply of course.

So it's being reprinted. Interesting. So did I get a reprint? How the hell will I know if this is a reprint? The dame design is so simple. I asked them about this as well.

The results?


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