Nick Mango

Jun 12, 2010

Long Sleeve of Brutality

Legacy of Brutality, if you don't know already, was a Misfits cashgrab done by Glenn Danzig. He definitely pissed off a lot of people with this release. Forget the fact that it sounds like garbage. He also stated that since he over dubbed everything himself, he wouldn't have to pay out any royalties....not cool. That being said, the clothing he put out to support this pile was SICK!!! Totally love the Legacy of Brutality artwork. And if you drop that on a long sleeve, you just made a shirt I must have. Check it.

And the back is great as well. Skeleton with the devil's lock. YES!

Now I know the album wasn't well received by fans. And I know this shirt wasn't made till the mid 90s. But come on, 12.50+ shipping!? That's completely ridiculous. What a fucking score this was. I mean, I guess I just got lucky with this purchase. I can't possibly believe these things go for this little. Either way though I'm happy. Wore this today and I think it might go into retirement till the fall.


  1. Help me find a legacy hoodie or long sleeve shirt. Pretty please.