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Jun 16, 2010

A Couple of Blog Related Things

I have a couple of blog related things to pass along. If you look to the right I've added an On The Way section which will basically show what I have coming in. I'm going to try and keep this in order of when I paid for the item. Oldest at the bottom. I wish I had room for dates, but I think I'm pretty much maxed out on my wrapper. I won't be doing blog entries on all the items in this list, but if I skip one that you were looking to see let me know. You know what....maybe I should do blog posts on everything that comes in. Actually, no, that's a dumb idea. No one wants to read an entry on the Danzig Lyric book. I should cherry pick, or at least cut off the fat. I'm getting hungry.

And the other thing was you may have noticed the Long Sleeve of Brutality post had a couple of decent pictures in it. This is because I bought a new camera. Working these digital camera type things are not my forte. Chess, drawing buildings, and buying things, this is where I excel. But I'm learning. I actually started using the camera like 4 posts ago....see what I mean? So let's see how it goes. It's tough to find the right combination of settings that take a good picture indoors with no direct sunlight. At least this is what I'm finding out. I'll keep at it.

Back to your semi regularly scheduled blog. Thanks

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