Nick Mango

Jun 17, 2010

The Found Tracks of Danzig

I've been debating for a month or so about buying the The Lost Tracks of Danzig on vinyl cause I thought it only came in black and while it was a double LP it was still selling for 30 or more new. So I figured I'd wait it out. These things had to come down at some point. But about a week ago I saw on ebay someone had it in blue and said it was out of 500. Never even knew it came out on blue. I pretty much had to win this's Danzig. Not a bad price either. I think shipped it was about 50. Considering black shipped was 30+, this seems like a steal. A steal minus 50 bucks.

I wonder if Glenn thought about red for this release. It seems like it would go a lot better with the inside of the gatefold. I also wonder if Glenn even had a hand in making this thing.

It also came with this really cool booklet type insert. Has a whole bunch of old photos in it. Seems like every photo though has a semi nude Glenn involved somehow.

Angel of the 7th Dawn


  1. It's $18 over at Amazon.
    $19 for the 180 gram black vinyl.

    It's where I picked mine up at.
    I saw it in person and I had thought it was a bootleg.

    Supposedly the numbers are...
    500 on blue
    500 on purple
    1000 on black

  2. NIIICEEEE thanks for that. Going over there right now. Ebay hasn't caught up yet. Thanks

  3. That must have been some sort of a sale they were running cause it's back up to 34 bucks.

  4. Ah, yes.

    Here is a link to their vinyl overstock page.
    The prices change day to day.
    They are $30 and $31 today.