Nick Mango

May 7, 2010

Squeal Like a Pig

Back in 1995 Stuck Mojo put out a RapCore album called Snappin Necks. It was a decent album. It was definitely more rap than core. But it was good. I still listen to it every now and again. Then in 1996 they changed up their style a little and, in my opinion, put out one of the greatest RapMetal albums ever called Pigwalk. Now I've mentioned this before, but let me reiterate. If you have a band, and your genre is either RapCore, or RapMetal, I like you. I don't even have to know what you sound like or who you are. I like you. And I most likely like you a lot. Why? I have no idea. I don't like one popular band, but I like Rage Against the Machine. I mean who doesn't? I like Downset. I like F451. I like....well you get the idea. It's like vampire movies. I don't know, I just like them. If there's vampires in it, I'm totally down with it. Ok enough of that, let's get to the reason why I'm here.

About 3 weeks ago a Stuck Mojo 96/97 Tour long sleeve popped up on ebay. There was a catch though. Starting price was 10 bucks and there was a reserve. I hate reserves. Just start the damn auction at the price you want. What are you trying to generate some action with people bidding? Come on, it's a 30 dollar tshirt, not a 20k car. K enough of that. So I message him and ask him the reserve. He says 40 bucks. Now look, this shirt is sick, I'm not going to even lie. It's got that 80s metal feel to it, it's got the sleeve print, it's got the tour dates on the back. It's sick. But I don't think it's worth 40. Would I pay 40? Sure. But no one else would. And I knew that. So I just let it end. And of course, it didn't meet reserve. I think it got to 15 bucks. So I messaged him and told him I'd give him 25 + shipping. No reply. Ok, no problem. Then the next day he relists it. I message him again and ask him if the reserve is still 40. Yep it's still 40. Ok hey no problem. I let it end at 10, no one bids. I message him again(haha) and say my offer still stands. No reply! Ok, ok, I gotcha bro, you're going to stick to your guns. I'm cool with that. He relists it again. I message him again. Still 40? This time though, he smartens up. "Make me an offer an I'll take it down." ok buddy, 25 shipped HA! He takes it. You mess with the bull, you get the horns.

Gotta say, I'm actually kind of scared to wash this thing. It doesn't feel as crisp as some of the other mid 90s shirts I have. This one feels like it was made in like 86 and then religiously worn to every concert on the European Hysteria Tour.

Really loving this thing. I want to wear it. Like bad.

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