Nick Mango

May 16, 2010

Danzig - Satan's Child Tour 99

So about a month back I spotted this long sleeve on ebay. It's from the Satan's Child 99 tour. Now let's be honest here, after 94/95 Danzig's sound went into the crapper. I mean Circle of Snakes isn't terrible, but Blackacidevil is about the worst album I've ever heard if you compare it the album right before it Danzig 4p. I mean it's like 2 different worlds. And the world that Blackacidevil came from, I don't ever want to visit.

I think I need a new camera. The flash on this thing is like one of those light grenades from Mom and Dad Save The World. I'll work on that.

The back is looking solid too! Only issue is it's a large. The guy listed it incorrectly. Luckily large isn't so small now a days...yeah I'm working a lot.

On a side note, I was really looking to do a vinyl post today but unfortunately the monster package I have coming just didn't. Hopefully soon though. WOW it's a good one.

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