Nick Mango

May 6, 2010

Rev Distro Order

So like a month back my buddy Justin from Unrestrained and of course the great 90s hardcore blog Stuck in the Past, tweeted about this 50% off sale over at RevHQ. Now I don't know about anyone else, but I feel like Revelation has the most underrated distros ever. I never hear people saying they order from Rev. Maybe I guess because I hang out with my brother, and all we do is work...none the less, I shot over there cause they always have good stuff. Lo and behold I find a sick Mouthpiece long sleeve for 10 bucks!

I mean two sleeve prints? Are you for real right now? Gold on black? There is zero wrong with this shirt. How about the back you say?

ACTION SHOT! You can't beat this shirt. Only came in XL though....oh wait, I WEAR XL! While I was there I picked up a few records too.

Not for nothing but that Swamp Thing - In Shame lp isn't cheap. I've seen it go for 20-30 bucks. It cost me 7. Grabbed a This is Hell lp and VOD for the bleeders, which I didn't have. Total price, less than 40 shipped. Really great pick up.

On a side note, I'm over flowing with long sleeve shirts right now. I should make a list and put it on HYE!

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