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Feb 25, 2010

Whoa...I Got a Blog Too?!

Man I tell ya my life is way too busy. I need to either stop taking on big projects, or I need to stop sleeping the 4 hours I usually get a night. Luckily in between designing Clinton Park, working on LP, and hanging with the girlfriend, I've managed to pick up a few records. Well more than a few, but let's just start with these and I'll working on adding one item to that list of duties, keeping up with this blog! Damn I'm lazy.

The singer of KYI, Andy, was selling his whole collection through a third party guy on ebay. I picked up a bunch of stuff. Let's do a couple.

Kill Your Idols S/T - Tattoo Press 8/50 - For a guy that prides himself on his Long Island record collection, I'm really slacking in the Kill Your Idols department. I have a bunch of releases, but not many of the really rare ones. Here's the tattoo press. Only given out to people with a KYI tattoo....yeah they made 50 of them. That's ridiculous. I have no right to own this record, but maybe one day.

Kill Your Idols - The Skinnier Years - White #101/111
Kill Your Idols - The Skinnier Years - Test Press #7/13

Here's another couple hard to find releases that I grabbed from Andy's auctions. Pretty happy to have these two. One of the reasons I was really terrified about starting to collect KYI records was because it's just never fucking endless. They make a million damn variants and they have a million damn albums. Luckily, they're all incredible!

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