Nick Mango

Feb 27, 2010

Yuppicide Isn't Dead Yet! Least not for me.

One of my favorite bands of all time is Yuppicide. I still remember where I was when I first decided I needed to check them out. The year was 1995 and I was in Port Jeff with a buddy of mine. We were going to hit the curbs by the statue of Thomas Jefferson. When we got there, there was a sticker stuck to the wax. That sticker said Yuppicide. I thought to myself, "So skaters like this band. Interesting. I better go see them." Here I am 15 years later still obsessed with their music. Still listening to it at least once a week.

Let's do this. Yuppicide - Dead Man Walking - Test Press. The quest continues to get every single Exit/Wreckage release including test presses. It's an impossible goal. It's almost stupid to even say that's what I'm trying to do. People think collecting dischord or revelation is tough. Try collecting a label that barely anyone gives a shit about, let alone collects and saves. I don't even want to get into the retarded pressing practices of this label. I mean what kind of label needs to press 6250 copies of Madball - Droppin Many Suckers on black. Then decides they only need to press 250 in maroon?! I mean seriously, that's just fucking evil.

Been trying to pry this off a dude on HYE for over a year now. Toughest guy to get to return emails or offers. I pleaded with him to return my emails. I even had other people trying to make 3 way trades with this guy. Nothing doing. Then one day, right out of the blue, he posted his entire list for sale on PoisonFree and I nearly had a heart attack. So I injected a few hundred bucks into the german economy, and in return I got myself a pile of records needed to help clean up my Exit/Wreck-age colored collection. Incredibly, I'm still missing a few of the 7s. But on the other hand, I have variants of colors no one knew existed. So that's a pretty cool consolation prize. One thing a lot of people don't realize about Exit/Wreckage is they never cleaned the machine between presses. So there's always a few weird mixed color transition type records available for each release. Those are the real fun ones to find.

This guy even had a sleeve for the test. Must have gotten it straight from the label. Not many people put the test press in a sleeve back then. In fact, no one did.

This is a big score. These sleeves are complete junk and didn't last very long. The one I have for my pink copy is pretty beat up as well.

One day, when I feel up to it, I'll pull out all my E/W stuff and take a picture. Maybe after I track down the few 7s I need. I feel like I'm not only battling the person with the records I want, but also time. With a label like Dischord or Revelation, time is almost a non factor. You know people will always collect them, or at least save them because of their value. But with E/W, a lot of people bought them just to buy them, not to collect them. Which means they don't care enough to keep track of them. And it goes even further then that. E/W had a crazy distribution deal with lumberjack. Shits all over the globe. So add up all that and you get one of the hardest collectible labels to collect. Because really, if you think about it, this is a collectible label. They knew what they were doing. Madball, 6250 in black, 250 in maroon. Even Dead Man Walking was 550 pink 1650 black. Those are collectible numbers for a non collectible label. Bad combination for collectors....if that makes any sense.


  1. some years ago there was this wreckage homepage and they had a list with pressing infos there.
    do you have that list?


  2. I do have this yes. It doesn't include all the info, but it does help.

  3. Any chance to get it from you?
    How can we get in contact?

    Was the SFA/Necracedia Split released as a vinyl pressing, too?


  4. sure, but don't put your email in the comment box. Bad things happen when people do that. Just message me

    SFA Necracedia split cd was, to the best of my knowledge, a combination of the SFA So What? and the Necracedia Now I See Clearly release. SFA is war003 and Necra is war002. Here's my issue though. There's no spot for this release in the release numbers. And I've never seen the release. So I really don't know if it came out on wreck-age. This would make sense to. Pavlos might have licensed another label to release the cd. OR maybe he just did the release overseas. He had a German version of Wreck-age back in the day. They released the Gulag 7" which was the original WAR001 before he came to the us and released a WAR001 over here which was Bad Trip. If you have this cd maybe you could scan the front and back cover for me. Thanks!

  5. Yuppicide got together and jammed for the first time in over 10 years,we have a new drummer to fill in for Pete, we are playing the super bowl of hardcore may 15th with Cro-mags, madball and H2O and and bunch of other bands,show is gonna be at the old Ritz (webster hall) no barricades,
    Never say never!
    Joe Keefe

  6. I'm in Yuppicde and I don't even have a damn test-pressing of anytHing but our first 7"..and that's an Evac test pressing, not the Wreck*Age version!
    Weird to think people want these things- but thanks to all for the support over the years..hope to see you all at some of our upcoming shows..