Nick Mango

Feb 2, 2010

X Swatch Maxi

I know it's been a while since I posted, but I promise you, I haven't been sleeping till noon and drinking the nights away. My proof is below.

About 3 months ago someone listed an X Swatch Maxi on ebay and I nearly shit myself. They never made an X Swatch Maxi. I read the description very closely and realized that the person selling it, made it. He took a black Maxi, one that looked exactly like the X Swatch, and just added a custom face. The pictures looked great. I was really torn. I wanted this thing bad, but I thought there was just no way I would bid enough to win it. Usually when I want something, I win it. But this time I was like, "Eh what am I going to do drop 600 bucks on a clock!?" So I didn't bid. I just watched the seconds tick away. And imagine my embarrassment when the damn thing ended at less than $250. Wow was I pissed. So here I am 3 months later and for some reason I searched for X Swatch on ebay. I never do that. I don't really have any interest in owning an X Swatch. I don't wear watches. I guess it was fate though, cause when I searched for X Swatch that day another X Swatch Maxi popped up. I thought it was the same one being re-listed, but it wasn't. It was another one built by the person who built the original one I didn't bid on. Well I bid on this one. 275 bucks later I was putting this baby together and hanging it on my wall. The face looks great. No idea how he made it. And I'm not opening it to find out.


  1. think they make giant swatch guards for those?

  2. Ahaha probably look like a basketball hoop

  3. Honestly, this is the coolest thing! I have a black Maxi Swatch and I am THIS close to doing this to it!

  4. any idea what the eBay ID of the guy who sold you the maxi is? I've been looking
    to get one of these as a present and I can't find one or any info on one anywhere!