Nick Mango

Sep 6, 2009

2 Weeks of Pure Insanity

Here's the DeadBrokeRecords preorder of Bad Blood Revival, The Brass, and Landlord. The Bad Blood release is awesome cause truthfully you can't damage it. It's an old record sleeve, cut in half, and painted green. They put sticker labels on the front and back. Even if you bent this thing you could probably just tell people it was some sort of a variant...

Long Island band Backup Plan. This is their album Dearest Whomever on New Day Rising.

Instilled - Unfinished Business 7" set w/ #7 of 100 on Blue.

This is the Kid Dynamite Cover Discography I found out about on VinylVlog Season 2 Ep 1. BlackNumbers put this out. This particular package is all 3 colors and the test. Mine is 18 of 20. All proceeds from this package go to charity which is really cool.

My friend Brian picked this stuff up for me from Moneen. I also grabbed a sealed Lifetime S/T on FBR from him cause he had an extra.

This is the Orange 9mm Driver LP on East/West and pressed in Germany. This is the last release I need to complete my Orange 9mm collection. It's a log time coming and in my next post I will put together the collection for a picture. Should be fun.

ON - Double Vision from React. The picture has the Reaper release in it as well. Next to that is a picture of the silk screened cardboard stiffener that came with the pre-orders from React.

On The Might of Princes - Where You Are and Where You Want To Be. Great LI Indie band from the late 90s early 00s. This is their second release on Traffic Violation Record which is a now defunct LI label

This is the Indecision Tour 7 that I traded marcus for. If you watched the video you saw I had some issues figuring out who was on the cover. This particular release had 5 different covers with a different band member on each one. They were also numbered. I never really inspected this 7" when it came in, but after I made the video I did. It says on the inside that it's Justin, which makes sense cause this is number #43. I should have realized that he would be the first cover. Plus it's a Damaged ripoff. So that also kinda makes sense seeing as Henry Rollins was punching the glass in that one, and he was the king of Black Flag. Sometimes it's hard to put the pieces together when under the pressure of the camera. Makes sense now though.

The 2 rarest VOD records around....I think. There might be a Loyal To None split variation that I don't know about. If anyone knows of one besides the blue cover on black let me know. You know now that I think about it, those covers were photo copied paper. That's usually a sure sign that they made different color covers. So who knows. I'm going to put together the full 7" collection at some point. Do a big post on everything I have from VOD. Should be cool cause I've never laid that stuff out.

These are the 2 that I didn't put in the video and 2 that I did. the 2 that I didn't was 25 Ta Life's FLC. I think this is 25s best release. Rick's voice is strange cause it can change on basically every single record they put out. It's almost like everything they ever did was recorded in one year when Rick was 14 going on 15. On this one it's really the best it's ever sounded. Then there's Bloodline, not to be confused with NJ Bloodline

And here it is, the Neglect 4 Years of Hate Discography on Gain Ground, pressed in Germany, never even knew this existed on vinyl until 4 weeks ago. So incredibly excited to get this thing. Had to buy it from japan, but the price was so right at like 13 bucks. Plus I bought the O9 Driver LP from the same guy, so I combined shipping. Great deal. Wonder what this thing would go for on ebay if it was sold by a US seller. Neglect is not really a desirable pickup unless it's on Wreck-age. Then you have 2 ways to drive the price, the rarity of the Neglect record and the rarity of the Wreck-age release. The different labels are really a cool little touch. I also put some pictures of the Hatebreed/Neglect split on Red too.

Well that's it, I hope you enjoyed it. It took me about 6 hours to do this I'm not kidding. 6 freaking hours.


  1. Good post. Good deal on that double LP... four versions for $50 is pretty good.

    Also, i like how at the end of the video you say "hopefully i didn't go over ten minutes". Haha!

  2. i don't have any moneen releases, but I actually saw that white copy WAS on vinyl collective's page, but they're only down to the black one now. The clear one is only out of a 100 though.. 200 on black and white!

  3. that's a comfy looking chair you have there, sir.

  4. hi:

    I got that Gain Ground pressing.

    Now 3 questions:

    - mine on cover says "Four Years Of FATE" (like yours), but on the side says "4 Years Of HATE"; a printing error (?)

    - came with a sticker on back, placed on "C"/"D" track list

    - came with one insert only (like 5 or 6 lyrics); yours came with one or 2?


  5. Yes the copy in grey has 4 years of fate written on it which is a mistake. I have a sealed black version of this album as well and the cover is correct, "4 years of hate". So they reprinted it. When doing this reprint they also fixed the track listing, so this black version has no sticker on the back either. My grey version does have a 1 sheet insert. The black I'm not sure about cause I haven't opened it yet.

    If you find out anymore info on this record email me - nick at limitedpressing dot com. thanks