Nick Mango

Aug 30, 2009

Unbroken Triple - The Best New Purchase of the Year

It's nearly impossible to get a good picture of this thing when you and your camera both suck at taking pictures. Check out Doug's WeWillBuryYou blog for the post that really convinced me to buy it. It's funny, as soon as I saw this thing on his blog, I went to every single message board I could think of to see if someone had it available for purchase. Luckily I found it on Matt's List for sale at the Deadformat board. I have to say, message boards have been saving my ass lately. Bought some really cool stuff on boards recently. This is easily my most favorite new record purchase of the year. When I hold this thing I feel like I'm holding a piece of history. Indecision Records say they're going to repress it, which I'm pretty much hating right now. But maybe I'll get lucky and it will be a completely different packaging, and I can grab another one.

P.S. If anyone knows anything at all about that Rhythm Collision 7" please let me know. Thanks

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