Nick Mango

Sep 14, 2009

Orange 9mm - The Collection is...DAMNIT!

So as I was saying in my last video blog, The Orange 9mm Collection is complete. Well I just got everything together and when I looked on the back of the DEA Records 7" it showed me just how wrong I was. I'm missing 3 colors. Stupid DEA Records and their 5 million pressings of one stupid 7". These characters got it in for me. Especially with the VOD stuff. I don't even want to get into how many of those I'm missing. Well I thought I would post it anyway cause I've never put it together.

Here's what I'm missing....Damn it hurts so good.

I'm going to start putting together some of my complete and almost complete collections for posts before the end of the year. My MovieLife collection just got a huge shot in the arm yesterday. What is it you say? Ohhhh You'll see. Later!

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  1. do you have: -comp- orange 9mm/the phoids/lower east side stiches -NG records CMJ flexi-
    it was a odd little Flexi that was in CMJ a few years back.