Nick Mango

Jan 3, 2009

Saves The Day - I'm Sorry I'm Leaving Ltd-400 White

Last week I was comparing the popularity of The Movie Life’s Self-Destruct 7″ in white LTD-100 to Saves the Day’s, I’m Sorry I’m leaving 7″ in white LTD-400. I felt that in the coming years The Movie Life 7″ will crush the Saves the Day 7. Well here is that Saves the Day 7 I was talking about. I picked this up a long time ago on ebay from a guy who was selling off his whole collection. 1 record in his collection was a Chung King can Suck it Test Press. It went for a bundle. I got this one for about 60 bucks. If I knew then, what I know now about records, I would have gotten more than this record and the record I will feature in my next post. I would have bought the lot. Sometimes people move on from collecting. If I remember correctly he said he was buying a house, cause a baby was on the way. Recently I thought about that guy and his ridiculous collection sold away. I said, a kid is a good reason to sell. Then I really thought about it….I would want my kids to listen to the music, and maybe fall in love with it and the records, just like I did. Maybe it could be something we could do together. Having something in common with your son and/or daughter is so incredibly tough. I don’t think I could sell off one of my only chances to bond with my kids.

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