Nick Mango

Jan 3, 2009

The Movie Life - Self-Destruct Ltd to 100 White

I have had a copy of this 7″ for a long time. I don’t really know when I bought the black version of this, but I believe it was early this century. Then about 3 or 4 years ago I bought a white version, #90 of 100. I think I paid like 7 bucks for it. This one pictured I acquired very recently in a lot of vinyl off of ebay. The contents of this lot shall remain nameless for a while. But it contained 13 records one of which is this 7″ #13 of 100. Right now I’ve seen it selling for about $45+ on ebay. The number was not as low as this one, but now a days the cost does not leave much room for adjustment by number. Meaning since this record is only worth 45 bucks, you can’t really say that a #23 is worth any less than a #13. 10 years from now the price difference will of course be staggering.
The 7″ I normally compare to this, collecting wise, is Saves the Day - I’m Sorry I’m Leaving. Since Saves the Day is still around and I’m Sorry I’m Leaving came out in the middle of 1999, I can see the cost difference. In white it goes for about $150 on ebay. But what I think is interesting is that Saves the Day only pressed about 500 of these. 400 in white and 100 in pink. The Movie Life pressed a 1000 with a 100 being white. The black fetches about 20$ on ebay. So why so much for the white??? Sure it has unrelased songs, but so does the black. It’s because collecting is retarded right now. It’s becoming more about collecting than it is about the music. But this record has both. It has collecting value, numbered to 100 in white. And it has music value. Unreleased songs only available on vinyl. This is why I believe this album will eclipse the Saves the Day 7″ fairly soon.

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