Nick Mango

Jan 3, 2009

H2O - Seveninch Blue Marble 1st Pressing Ltd to 300

Last week I picked up this H2O 7 called Seveninch. I have this 7 already but in black. It’s not the first pressing, so I thought I’d give this limited pressing 7, a new home next to it’s very common brother. Little did i know the price I was going to pay for this thing…$25+. What’s crazy about that is that I bought the black for about 3 or 4 bucks about 5 years ago and it’s still on sale at Equal Vision for like 5 or 6. Well it says you can buy it online. You never really know until you click it. So for a record, that you can still possibly buy, I had to plunk down 25+ for this one. This 7 has 2 older recordings of Temperature and I Know Why. It really brings back memories of the wetlands. Vinyl collecting is at it’s peak right now. This is proof of that. In my next post I will show a record that I believe is going to be one the most highly sought after records in the coming years. It’s already a ridiculous amount of money for a 7″ pressed during this century. Till then, See Ya!

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