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Jan 2, 2009

Quicksand : Manic Compression 1st Pressing Ltd to 300

I picked this baby up about a week ago on ebay for 70+. It’s Revelation Records #43. It’s a 1st Pressing limited to 300 in white. This is one of my most favorite albums. I will probably need to pick up a later pressing soon, because I’m really itching to listen to it, and it has only been out of it’s sleeve 3 times. 2 for photos and 1 to check color. So it’s never seen a needle. And I’d like to keep it that way.
This album was there last LP and it’s very tough to call which album is better, this or Slip. I like this one, and people might crucify me for saying it. But you gotta respect the purchase. 70+ for a record still available on CD. This album is in that weird early to mid 90s post hardcore genre that included bands like Orange 9mm, Day in the Life, and Shelter. They all have that sound that’s so easily recognized.
I think it’s amazing that when you type “Quicksand” into google. The second listing is the band’s terrible, but informative, website. I mean the word “Quicksand” is such a common word, and to be listed second is really something.
Lastly, you know you have a sick collection when you’re using a Kid Dynamite demo to prop up your Manic Compression 1st pressing for a picture….look closely and you’ll see what I mean.

See Ya!

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