Nick Mango

Jan 5, 2009

Bane/Adamantium Split Test Press

Last post I talked about the second record I won on ebay from the crazy guy selling off his collection. Bane/Adamantium Test Press on Indecision Records. There is something weird about this 7 and the bands it has on it. I had never heard either of these bands. Meaning I had never really listened to this 7 or any other record, cd, tape, or live show of either of these bands. Of course I’ve heard OF them. Bane is huge and very culty. But I never truly gave their songs a chance for some reason. I heard parts and decided I did not like the band. Funny though, I decided this before I bought the Test Press. Basically I got this 7 because I could. And it was a time in my life where I wanted any desirable record, no matter if I liked the band or not. I’m still sorta that way, but not like I was back then. I wouldn’t even “watch this item” if it came on ebay now. I might look and say, “wow cool.” But that's where it would end. This item has become a tool. A tool to acquire other records that are extremely rare, but are also from bands I like. It’s for trade…no doubt about it.


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