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Jan 13, 2009

Most Precious Blood - Our Lady of Annihilation - TP Ltd 10

"This Is My..."favorite Most Precious Blood release, not just with Rob, but with Tom also. Here's my issue, Unorthodox was simply the greatest LP every created. Is/was Indecision/Most Precious Blood the greatest hardcore band ever? No I don't think so. In my opinion there's a few above them. But Unorthodox overshadowed everything after it, and I think I needed a real singer change(not counting Artie) to get a grip back on reality. Well let's not get all mushy about Unorthodox, I can do that in another post...wait did I just foreshadow a comeback? Possibly. Back to OLA. Powerful, that's the one word that really describes it. Rob definitely impressed me with his resurrection...ah damn there I go again. Well I'm listening to it right now on clear, and I really think they brought back the fire in this album. Nothing in Vain sounded flat, and Tom really didn't have the anger or the strength, or dare I say, the desire, to put a real true Tom effort in. He sounded like he was ready to move on, I could hear it in his voice. But this, Redemption baby! Awesome record, and a awesome pick up. I'm not to fond of the 10 pressings, but it's DeathWish, so they give you your money's worth with the custom spray paint cover.

Ok the history of the record purchase. I was living back in hampton bays, and I stubbled across a DeathwishInc attic sale on ebay. It was like rolling into a gold mine with a pickup truck. I grabbed this one for a complete joke, like 80 bucks or something. I also picked up a Nothing in Vain Bad Religon cover #002 of 200 for like 40 I think...once again, joke. I mean I couldn't pass that up. I already had #076 of 200 that Joey Anterrabae bought for me at a CBGB's show. But #002? Had to have it. Also gobbled up a Blacklisted ...The Beat Goes On on purple. That's actually the purchase that really got me into Blacklisted. So maybe I'll do a 7" from Blacklisted next record blog post. A newer record, maybe not so rare. Well at least the record isn't rare..

While writing this post I was listening to OLA, and then when I realized I started to love Blacklisted when buying that purple And the Beat Goes On, I decided to whip out a blue copy and throw it on...totally dropped it on the OLA and played it not realizing they were stacked...damn.

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