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Jan 8, 2009

One King Down - Bloodlust Revenge - Orange Ltd 200

One of my favorite records. One King Down - Bloodlust Revenge on Equal Vision Records. Equal Vision is based out of Albany, and they went home town on us with this release. It's weird...I always considered OKD a Long Island band, but they aren't obviously. The reason is I first heard them doing what I loved, skating on Long Island. I was in my friend Garrett's tahoe, and when he drop this thing in, I felt like I was in the future. It was way ahead of it's time. Well I picked this up on ebay a little ways back. Maybe 50 bucks. It's the first pressing and way OOP. Totally worth it considering the history I have with the band. Rob Fusco, the vocalist on this record, now sings for Most Precious Blood. And oddly enough, when he replaced Tom as the singer, he quit a job as a chess instructor. So in honor of chess instructor Rob Fusco, I will feature a MPB album on my next record entry. Two words....Test Press.
Oh yeah this cover still has the original plastic on it....always nice to see.

NOTE: This was the first post of my new blog. Every post before this point was written in early 07 when I decided to write a blog about my records, then freaked out like 5 records in, cause I didn't like people seeing what I had. I put all 09 years on there now just for the ease of keeping them all together.

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  1. Dude...tell me you would consider parting with that OKD Bloodlust on orange for an old Albany native transplanted to Los Angeles...pretty please. :-)

    xdryfirex AT