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Jan 24, 2009

Blacklisted - Peace on Earth, War on Stage

Blacklisted - Peace on Earth, War on Stage...It's incredible. Truthfully, there's nothing left to say about this record. I could just "create post" and move on. If you like hardcore music, and you don't have this record, you either don't have a record player, or you don't have a pair of ears. Top 7" of 2007, and It's in my top 25 of all time.
Think about this, right now I'm listening to Helmet - Betty. I love this album. Yet I'm telling you a record put out 13 years later, that's not even in the same genre, is in my Top 25 7" of all time. I'm not sitting here listening to some thug band raving about this thing. I have other tastes, other loves. But it still comes back to what makes you shake your head with your mouth open. This record does exactly that. When I heard Memory Layne on the DeathWish website intro, I thought to myself, where the hell can I get this record, and how many times can I listen to it before I want to take someones life?
Well if you're wondering why I featured a record that isn't actually rare, I'll tell you. The one in the picture above is the least rare of the first pressings. It stands there on it's own. It's not on my blog because I paid a load of money for it. Or I traded crazy for it. It's here because I haven't heard a sound like this since the 90s. It has that kind of feel to it. Fast and raw as hell. That throaty, coarse, love and believe every word you're saying vocals. Just the whole tone of it screams simple, straightforward, explosion....kinda like an atomic bomb.

That Helmet - Betty album I mentioned...lets do that next. It's a cool little album. Has some quirkiness to it that could be fun to write about. Later

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