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Jan 28, 2009

Helmet - Betty - Double 10" - Promo Copy

This is kind of an important record in my collection. It's not immensely rare or anything. It's on ebay right now for like $55+. Shipping from the UK though. It doesn't look like it has the hole punch either. That actually is pretty rare. Mine has the hole punch. They do this a lot on promos so no one can resell it. It's funny though. When you punch the hole in it, you're basically telling the world that it's a promo. Which marks it as rare, and worth selling. But beyond that, it's important to me because this is one of the first times I heard post-hardcore music. In 94 when this came out, I had already heard their single MilqueToast from the Crow soundtrack, so I was extremely interested in seeing what these guys were all about. Let's not forget that in 94 I was just breaking into hardcore music, and really still trying to understand what I thought was good music. So picture this, you're 16 and you finally find music you like in hardcore/punk and then you hear helmet which is post-hardcore and you're saying to yourself, "How the fuck could there already be post-hardcore, I just found about actual hardcore?!" I mean I don't think they were known as post-hardcore back then, it was probably just considered rock. But it was different than what I was getting into at that point. Either way, my tastes in music split. I started to love bands like Quicksand, and Orange 9mm, but I was heavily involved in the Long Island hardcore scene, so I also grew up with Silent Majority, and Indecision.
So when did I get this...It had to be 5 years ago I think. Got it on ebay of course. It was just a cool record. Double 10", rarely ever see those around. It was a promo, which can be fun sometimes. And it was an album that reminded me of when I wasn't really sure what kind of music was good. I think I paid $15+ for it. Not a bad buy.
So what to do next...Ok I see the connection. Chris Traynor of Long Island played with Helmet, and a slew of other bands too, but his first band was Orange 9mm which I already said I lets do Orange 9mm next. This will be easy. Incredible band. they're on tour again BTW.

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