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Feb 1, 2009

Orange 9mm - S/T - Salmon - LTD <150

Orange 9mm was one of those seriously incredible bands that never got their due because they were in the post-hardcore genre that got basically crushed by the grunge take over of the mid 90s. A lot of bands got crushed during that short era. It’s really too bad. But what I believe is more interesting about the squashing of this entire genre, is the fact that Orange 9mm was one of the very few bands that also stood along side bands like RATM, F451, and Downset. This is because they were rapcore, as well as post-hardcore. How did Downset survive and Rage make it huge? Because they didn’t have that sound, that completely easily recognizable sound that all P-H bands had. So many amazing bands were ground to dust by the grunge freight train. Bands I loved like Quicksand, Day in the Life, and the one I’m discussing here, Orange 9mm. Another interesting thing about this record is the fact that it’s a 12” with only 4 songs on it. A 12” demo if you will. This whole record pressing, from the top down, is a collectors dream. Everything they did on this thing got screwed up. For one this is Salmon, and there shouldn’t even be salmon. There should only be 300 orange swirl. This happens sometimes when colors mix. Orange and white turned to solid salmon. Salmon is the rarer of the 2 colors. There is also a couple other pressing problems I will discuss later.
So the purchase…well the one pictured above I bought on ebay a few years ago I think. It’s really annoying that they only put out 2 pieces of vinyl, that I know of that is. One being this 12” demo and a 7” called Glistening, which I believe is a bootleg. I think it’s a bootleg because the last song was cut short, which usually means they didn’t make any test presses. Granted I have never known anyone besides me that owns this 7”, so mine might be a rare pressing that was released before they caught the problem. If anyone has this 7” please contact me.
One last cool thing about this record is that is has one of the rarest mistake pressings every made by Revelation Records. The story starts with the intention of pressing black for the final press. Black is kind of common on later pressings, when they're not sure of how many they will sell. But there was another mistake, they made Dark Green instead black. It even gets more interesting…a few were made in light green, RevRecs says only 3. I believe this count is incorrect. I recently acquired a copy of this record. And the original owner told me he bought it from Utopia, which is basically a poor mans Hot Topic here on Long Island. So if he bought this in a store, I guess it's possible that a few were released to the public by accident. But let’s also not forget that since Orange 9mm started on Long Island, there was definitely a good chunk of the pressing sent here. And besides even that, in my 12 years of collecting, I’ve never known or heard of someone owning another. That being said, this is probably the only one that snuck by the sticky hands of Kevin Finn.

So what do we do next? I kind of tied off the end of this long connecting run of records with this one. Ended with a bang I think too. So maybe I start fresh next time. Begin a new run of records. I think I have the perfect one in mind too.

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