Nick Mango

Apr 8, 2012

Milhouse - Modern Solutions

It didn't take too long! Right after my last post my buddy Dan said he'd part with his copy if I traded him an Inside shirt I had. It was a good deal I think. I've never seen anyone else with that shirt, but I couldn't really wear it cause it was kinda small for me. I'm all about shirts I can wear. Plus Dan asked about that shirt a lot. 12 years of searching for that 7" and it took less than a day after the last blog post. The internet is beautiful. Even Marcus was contemplating trading me his. I wouldn't have taken it though. He's the second closest collector to getting the whole collection and this 7" is ridiculously rare. I only know 3 people who own it. Marcus, Justin Unrestrained, and now me.

So now the question is, do I have them all? I think I do. This week I'm going to go through everything I have and make sure. I'll take pictures and do a nice post on it. I'd like to thank Dan for quickly coming to my rescue. He just started using his blog My Ressurrection. He's a big Indecision collector like me and always finds great stuff. Still needs to spruce up his page though. Probably get a text message as soon as he reads that.


  1. Amazing! Well done! Looking forward to that summary post. I think the only one i need now is that FTE double 7". If only i knew someone who had a spare eh?

  2. Yes I still have a spare one, and I'll get that to you. But you're missing more than that I think. I believe you still need Yuppicde Fear Love on clear brown.

  3. You are indeed correct. And of course the one I had forgotten, which I actually used to own & traded away.. and no doubt it will be one of (if not the) most expensive to replace... the Madball 7" on burgundy. Ugh. I knew I had forgotten a key piece of the puzzle!

  4. totally forgot you didn't have that one anymore. I haven't seen one of those for sale in a while. I think I paid like 60 usd for mine. You should try and trade for that one.