Nick Mango

Aug 28, 2010

A Lot of Danzig

So about 2 weeks ago there was this lot of 5 Danzig shirts on ebay. It really didn't give that great of a description of each shirt, so I figured I'd put in a decent bid and if I grabbed it cool. Truthfully I wasn't that crazy about the lot cause they were 3 XL T-Shirts and 2 XL long sleeves. I can wear the long sleeves, but not the T-Shirts. I did think I could give my brother one for his birthday, cause he wears XL, which was a good bonus. So I dropped a bid in of like 70 bucks and wouldn't you know it, I won it for $32! Sweet deal, but I didn't know exactly how sweet it was.....feel that anticipation? Yeah it's awesome. OK let's take a look shall we?

I'll go in order from least to greatest. First let's start out with this circle of snakes T-Shirt. Now when I looked at the picture of the lot, I actually thought this was one of the long sleeve shirts. So I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box and saw that it was a T-Shirt. Why? Cause it isn't too great of a shirt. Maybe I'll wear it to sleep in or something.

Next up I'll go with another T-Shirt. This one I knew about. I wasn't exactly sure what was written on the back, but I knew the era. 1996. And that's the only reason I put it second on this list and not first. Cause it's older.

Shirt numero 3. This one is also unwearable cause of the 3/4 sleeves, but still cool, and semi rare. I actually saw this shirt go for like 35 a few weeks ago. Turns out the seller considered this one of the long sleeve shirts...damn, that sucked.

The second best shirt of the lot, or what I will call number 4, is actually a shirt I already have. It's the Satan's Child tour long sleeve from 99. But I have it in Large, and with a long sleeve shirt, I usually wear XL. But lately I've been losing weight. In fact I haven't weighed this little since high school. So the large fit decently, but I was still excited for the XL cause you never know with XL long sleeves. They could be huge, or they could be a little bigger than the large. Well this one was perfect! I think I would have paid 32 bucks just for this shirt.

And the last shirt, the one I gave to Tom, was easily the best shirt of the bunch. Not only was it the oldest, but also the most legit. This is the classic Danzig Skull tee licensed by Brockum. They did this particular one in 1994. In 1995 they also did this same shirt, but the Danzig on the back was written in red. That's the last time Brockum did a Danzig shirt. This shirt, in this condition which happens to be great, could probably bring 35-40 bucks.

So all in all I got a great deal on this lot. For 42 bucks shipped, I picked up over a $100 worth of shirts. And I was able to grab a birthday present for my bro which he says he loves.

On a side note, I'd like to thank Napoleon for lending me his bed to take these pictures. It was very helpful.


  1. Loving the Danzig obsession. have you got this?

  2. i don't have that no. I think it's pretty readily available though. I've seen it for 70-90 on ebay buy it nows. My liking of danzig/samhain/misfits actually isn't much of a vinyl obsession. It's more about the music and the shirts. Seems odd I guess but I never fully got into buying vinyl for all these bands. There's just so much out there it's kind of a turn off. Shirts are so much rarer and cooler to collect from these bands I think.

  3. Howdy

    Nice haul you got !!!
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