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Aug 29, 2010

Ice Age - Dead Kings

Ice Age is a band from my home town of Smithtown NY. They have members from Backup Plan, This is Hell, and Subterfuge. Backup Plan was one of my favorite bands from the late 90s and early 2000s. So when I heard that both Jeff and Chris were involved in this band, I just knew for sure it would be great. Another interesting thing about this band was Rick was playing guitar. And back around the same time he played guitar in another great local band called Her Last Words. He plays guitar in This is Hell, but that's a newer band. Ice Age is like a 10 year old match made in heaven.

Think Fast! Records , the same label that put out This is Hell's album Weight of the World, just released Ice Age's full length called Dead Kings. I think this is their first release. Maybe they did a demo, but I'm not really sure. Chris(drummer) is an old friend of mine from when he played in another local band named Anterrabae. I saw him back in march at a bar and he told me he was doing this band, but I didn't really research till I heard they were putting out the full length on Think Fast. So as soon as it went up for pre-order, I was on top of it. One cool thing about Think Fast is their prices are usually incredible. I mean where else can you get a brand new piece of colored vinyl for 8 bucks? It's really obvious that these guys just love putting out music, and the money is really not that important. Get the music out, get your money back, maybe make a couple of bucks if you're lucky, but really just support and do what you love. Now that's what it's really all about. So the record came in the other day and it's looking great.

One awesome thing about this release is if you pre-ordered it, it came with a silk screened print #ed and signed by the screener. The photo on this print was done by a friend of mine Wendi Schoenfeld. A talented photographer, that unfortunately happens to be a mets fan...hey, we're not all perfect.

The other color Think Fast pressed was a 50/50 black and red. You know these types of color pressings usually cost a lot, and that just makes the 8$ price tag even more amazing.

If you want to pick up this release you can do so in the Think Fast webstore. I suggest you give it a shot.

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